Hē Chá Tea: Jasmine White Tea Pearls - 1 Lb Loose Leaf

he cha tea

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Origin: Fujian and Guangxi Provinces, China

Give your customers a chance to taste enlightenment with our Jasmine White Tea Pearls. Combine the soothing fragrance of jasmine flowers, the delicate taste of white tea, and the visual pleasure of watching these hand-rolled pearls unwind into fully intact tea leaves, and you have a product that is sure to excite your customers senses. Having loose white tea on your shelves will also excite your health conscious clientele, with the high content of antioxidants being a well known benefit of white teas.


Brewing Recommendations

Amount of tea: 1 tsp per 8 oz of water

Water temp: 175F (80C)

Infusion Time: 2 minutes, not to exceed 3 minutes

Number of Possible Infusions: At least 3