Hē Chá Tea: Earl Grey Prime - 1 Lb Loose Leaf

he cha tea

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Origin: blend of north & south India black tea

There is no doubt that Earl Grey black teas are some of the most popular blends in the world. The Earl Grey Prime goes above and beyond the typical blend of India black tea scented with bergamot oil, adding smooth vanilla and subtle blue flowers to create the perfect balance of fragrance, taste, and texture. Whether your customers are new to Earl Grey teas, or are dedicated Earl Grey drinkers, the Prime blend will be a refreshing break from the norm. Make some room on the shelf for this famous class of black tea, and offer the Earl Grey Prime loose leaf tea to your customers.

Brewing Recommendations

Amount of tea: 1 tsp per 8 oz of water

Water temp: 212F (100C)

Infusion Time: 2 minutes, not to exceed 3 minutes

Number of Possible Infusions: At least 2