Posted by Gabrielle Johnston on 6th Apr 2018

Monin's "Clean Label" Distinction

The Monin company has recently been moving their product lines to what they refer to as “clean label.” We have been happy to carry Monin products for some time, and customers have asked about this clean label distinction, so today we will discuss exactly what it means!

According to a representative from Monin, “clean label” simply means that a product contains no artificial ingredients. You could think of it as “natural,” but the specific definition is “no artificial ingredients,” including colors, preservatives, or flavors.

As for other dietary restrictions, are these products vegan? No animal products are used to make the Monin syrups, so yes, they are considered vegan. They are also all gluten-free, halal, and kosher. The only exception would be the syrups with names that reference an alcohol, such as “Grenadine” or “Mojito Mix,” because even though these do not contain alcohol, they would not be considered halal.

Eventually all of the syrups will be clean label, but as of now they are still transitioning some of the older flavors to this updated production process. For those of you that like to use completely natural products, will be happy to provide an update when all Monin syrups are made without any artificial ingredients!

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about the label status of a certain product.