Posted by Gabrielle Johnston on 19th Mar 2018

Kiva Han and Crazy Mocha Joining Forces

You might have already heard from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or the Pittsburgh Business Times, but we’ve acquired a coffee shop chain! On March 14, 2018, Kiva Han acquired the Crazy Mocha Coffee Company. Here is a copy of the press release that was sent to the local media:

Two Pittsburgh companies are coming together to satisfy the demands of increasingly sophisticated coffee drinkers.

Kiva Han Coffee has acquired Crazy Mocha Coffee Company, bringing together an established roaster and distributor with a home-grown chain of 29 neighborhood coffeehouses.

“We’re excited about what this means for Crazy Mocha customers,” said Ed Wethli, who founded Ed’s Beans, Inc. in 1993. “We visit farms all over the world looking for the best coffee, building relationships with farmers and workers that allow us to spot trends. As one company, we can bring new harvests to customers much faster than we could as a traditional wholesaler.”

Kiva Han operated two retail locations in Oakland before focusing on roasting and distribution. It has been Crazy Mocha’s exclusive supplier since 2007, roasting its beans out of a facility in Cranberry Township.

The current Crazy Mocha stores will continue to operate under the same name, with founder Ken Zeff shifting into a role as Director of Retail Operations. Crazy Mocha opened its first New Jersey location last year, but will stay focused on the Pittsburgh region, where the combined company will employ approximately 150 people.

“I’m grateful to our customers for making Crazy Mocha successful,” said Zeff. “We’ll continue to actively participate in the neighborhoods we serve.”

What’s likely to change in the short term? More rigorous training for baristas to emphasize the craftsmanship that characterizes today's coffee, and more storytelling woven into company’s marketing materials.

“Our coffee comes from some of the most interesting places in the world,” said Wethli. “I’m eager to bring those people and places into our Crazy Mocha locations, so that our customers can get to know them, too.”

We’re incredibly excited to be able to directly provide quality coffee to more customers than ever before. Be sure to check out a Crazy Mocha store at one of the many Pittsburgh locations, or one in Montclair, NJ or Bradenton, FL!