Posted by Gabrielle Johnston on 25th May 2018

The Science Behind the Cold Brew Craze

With the weather heating up, we have been flying through cold brew coffee in our retails stores. In recent years, cold brew has gone from a fad to being a staple of most coffee shops, chain or not. H …

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Posted by Gabrielle Johnston on 11th May 2018

Can Coffee Cure the Curse of Group Work?

Students and office workers alike know all too well that group work, while impossible to avoid, can be as taxing, prickly, and fruitless as climbing a cactus. Thankfully, science has once again prov …

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Posted by Gabrielle Johnston on 27th Apr 2018

California, Coffee, and Cancer

California, Coffee, and CancerAbout a month ago, coffee drinkers fretted over headlines about a California judge’s ruling that coffee shops must post warnings disclosing the beverage’s cancer risk. …

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Posted by Gabrielle Johnston on 6th Apr 2018

Monin's "Clean Label" Distinction

The Monin company has recently been moving their product lines to what they refer to as “clean label.” We have been happy to carry Monin products for some time, and customers have asked about this c …

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Posted by Gabrielle Johnston on 30th Mar 2018

The Legend of Kaldi

Coffee has been consumed around the world for centuries and brewed using countless different techniques, including using just the plant’s leaves to make a beverage similar to tea, or roasting the be …

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Posted by Gabrielle Johnston on 9th Mar 2018

Varietals vs. Variety

There is a lot of confusing jargon in the world of specialty coffee. So many different cultures, nations, and languages have contributed to the production of coffee that it often seems like some ter …

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