The first question most of us have when starting on a plan is cost. What does it cost to open a cafe?

There's no one answer, as so many things depend on your location, fixed costs, labor costs, buildout, and your particular operations.


Choosing your equipment will also be the result of several personalized decisions.


Here's a basic list of what you need. Again, this is based on a standard bar- you might have different needs or operations that call for different equipment. We'd love to help you figure that out!


Coffee Brewing

Single or Double Airpot Brewer and Airpots (220V)

Water Filtration

1lb Bulk Stepped Grinder (2 if you serve flavored coffee)

Manual Brewing Setup


Espresso (Check out our guide to finding your perfect espresso machine)

2-or 3-Grouphead Semiautomatic Espresso Machine

Water Filtration

2 Espresso Grinders

Undercounter 1- or 2-Door Fridge



Commercial Blender, 2 Pitchers

Ice Machine + Water Filters


Small Wares

Bean Scoops

Gram Scale

BUNN filters

Coffee-Related Cleaning Supplies


Knock Box

Shot Glasses

Milk Steaming Pitchers

Pitcher Rinser

Bar Rags

Drink Whisk

Cream Whipper

Creamer Carafe



You'll need to make decisions along the way about your business, and we're here to help! Call us at 724-742-2326 to talk it through.


Or, check out our standard equipmment package and standard first order. Don't forget staff training!