Preventative maintenance is a simple way to keep your equipment running smoothly. It will save you money by preventing regular upkeep items from becoming major expensive fixes down the road. Think of your espresso machine like you do your car- you change the oil, you wash it, you replace the air filter, etc. If you don't, your car will break down and you'll have to spend lots of time and money getting it fixed or replaced. To avoid the major unnecessary fix, set up an appointment with our service partners at The Espresso Analysts to perform tuneups every 6 months.

A regular preventative call would involve things like: 

checking up on and annually replacing espresso grinder burrs

replacing water filter cartridges

replacing grouphead gaskets and screens

evaluating gaskets and pressure on steam wands

overall systems check

Benefits to professional regular preventative maintenance and daily in-house upkeep:

reduce waste

increase efficiency

decrease downtime

reduce emergency service calls