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Choice Organic GOURMET Teas, 16-Count Box

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NOTE: In December 2015, Choice Organic refreshed their GOURMET line of organic teas with updated packaging, reducing the bag count from 20 to 16 per box (reducing the pricing as well), and updating the names of each. An updated description of each Gourmet tea (and it's prior name) is given below:

BLACKBERRY HIBISCUS ORGANIC HERBAL TEA - Organic herbs, leaves and berries are infused with the richness of blackberry, providing a delightful cup of tea. A celebration of field and forest. Exceptional served over ice and sweetened with organic apple juice!  (formerly Northwest Blackberry)

BREAKFAST BLEND ORGANIC BLACK TEA - A richly flavored and robust tea. Organic leaf from Assam provides a touch of malt, and Ceylon teas from mountain estates keep the blend smooth yet striking. (formerly Celtic Breakfast)

CHAI SPICE ORGANIC BLACK TEA - Our distinctive organic chai favors the rich Assam black teas of the Brahmaputra Valley, and highly-prized cardamom. Make this tea strong, and temper it with milk and sweetener.

CHAMOMILE MINT ORGANIC HERBAL TEA - Organic chamomile and spearmint, appreciated for their soothing comforts, are infused with organic bergamot, the Mediterranean citrus used to perfume Earl Grey teas. (formerly Chamomile Spearmint)

DRAGON WELL ORGANIC GREEN TEA - One of the most famous of all Chinese teas. Vibrant in color with a very appealing nutty aroma, it is particularly well known for a long finish with a lingering bittersweetness.

EARL GREY LAVENDER ORGANIC BLACK TEA - Selected organic black teas from India and Ceylon are blended with bergamot, a Mediterranean citrus, and enhanced with organic lavender blossoms.

JASMINE GREEN ORGANIC GREEN TEA - A Chinese classic. Freshly-picked organic jasmine blossoms are mixed with organic green tea, and removed after leaving their ethereal, floral scent behind.

LICORICE MINT ORGANIC HERBAL TEA - The root of the organic liquorice plant offers an alluring sweetness to the well-known delights of organic peppermint leaf. A hot sip of serenity and repose. (formerly Licorice Peppermint)

MANGO BLACK ORGANIC BLACK TEA - Smooth, organic black Ceylon tea is flavored with the essence of mango and enriched with the undertones of organic Sumatra vanilla. A delightful tea to serve on ice. (formerly Mango Ceylan)

MINT GREEN ORGANIC GREEN TEA - Blended from carefully selected organic green teas and the spearmint favored in North Africa. It is a vitalizing refreshment in the Saharan heat and has only half the caffeine of other green teas. (formerly Moroccan Mint)

PEACH GREEN ORGANIC GREEN TEA - Asia's finest organic green teas, with their full complement of healthful polyphenols, are infused with the luscious overtones of ripe peaches. (formerly Green Tea with Peach)

VANILLA ROOIBOS ORGANIC HERBAL TEA - The result of fermenting the needle-like leaves of this native South African bush. Organic rooibos is abundantly flavorful; full-bodied with a sweet earthy aroma, made more luxuriant with the addition of tropical, organic vanilla. Rich in minerals and antioxidants. (formerly Rooibos / Red Bush Tea)


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